Interviews, Photoshoots and Content Planning - Behind The Scenes of Independent Eateries

Work has began on our new magazine, Independent Eateries. Over the past couple of months, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Imogen Sandbach has been working hard with the help of her team of photographers and copywriters to produce the first issue of Independent Eateries. Originally created as a side project to offer a helping hand for local, independent food and drink businesses impacted by the pandemic, Independent Eateries has already grown considerably and is so much more than a side project. Want to find out more about our mission? Check out our first blog post introducing Independent Eateries

Behind The Scenes On Set

Each week Imogen and Portrait Photographer, Anthony Lavender, would visit restaurants, cafes and bars across Liverpool and Manchester to complete interviews and photoshoots for the magazines first issue. Photographers Mark Carr, from Vaahoo Media, and Antonio Franco, from Antonio Franco Photography, have also worked on the magazine photography, focusing on the city of Liverpool.

Throughout the project I have been able to work with numerous passionate business owners and chefs with the chance to hear their amazing stories one on one. I have heard their amazing origin stories and passions with an insight to their struggles and resilience throughout the pandemic. I can't wait to share these stories with you in the release of the first issue.

- Imogen Sandbach

During the shoots Imogen took responsibility as the Creative Director with food and set styling alongside leading the interviews for the articles.

Imogen's attention to detail is outstanding and surpassed my expectations enormously. She is an incredible brand advocate and you really get the feeling that she wants the very best for your project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Imogen, in-fact I already have, several times.

- Anthony Lavender

Post Production

After the final shoot, the focus shifted to the magazine design and marketing. With the help of copy writing from Samantha Bentall from Samantha Bentall Copywriting and editorial design by Imogen the magazine is all coming together.

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Some of the people featured in the magazine include:

Magazine Release Date

Independent Eateries Liverpool and Manchester magazines are due for release on Friday June 25th 2021. The interactive digital magazine will be available to view and download at

We look forward to sharing this with you very soon.