How Custom Type In Your Logo Can Help Your Business

Updated: Mar 5

Customising the type in your logo can help your brand to be easily recognisable, express your personality and be unique.

Examples of famous customised logotypes:

A lot of the time you will see the same fonts being used over and over. Whether it is brands following over used trends or sticking to the default type across their advertising and print media. When a brand does something different with text it attracts attention and gives it memorability.

A unique typeface can help to make your brand immediately recognisable. Notable brand logos can often be recognised from their type alone. Even by seeing a very small area of the logo you will still know instantly what the brand is. This is because our brains recognise and match patterns. Once a logo has become familiar you no longer need to read the words to know what they say, because you recognise it by its shape.

Not only is customisation great for standing out amongst the crowd, it gives brands the chance to express their personality. Like people, not all brands are the same, so let your brand speak for itself instead of being defined by overused templates and current trends.

Above is a time-lapse video of me experimenting with customisation for Verified Veggie's logotype. Not only does it give the logo a distinct look and memorability but it adds some interest to the brand identity with meaning and symbolism behind the abstract shape and the chance for a recognisable mark to be used throughout the brand.

Here we can see how a simple customisation to the letter V in the logo type can be used throughout the brand identity. From additional brand graphics, iconography, the way photos are cropped and composed, creating brand patterns and more.

With a bespoke brand identity, designed with purpose you can express your brand personality, become easily recognisable and unique, which helps you to attract more customers and keep your brand on their minds.

Does your current logo pass the Paul Rand Test?

Is it distinctive?

Is it visible?

Is it adaptable?

Is it memorable?

Is it universal?

Is it timeless?

Is it simple?

If you answered no maybe it is time you revisited your brand identity. Please get in touch, and we can discuss how we can increase your brand recognition and memorability.