Inspiring Restaurant Brand Identities

Branding is very important to restaurants and with competitors all around unfortunately having good food isn't enough to stand out from the crowd. Successful branding is being able to tell a story, have a consistent theme and create a memorable experience for your customers. So in this post I will show my current Top 3 Inspiring Restaurant Brand Identities, let me know what you think of them.

Mowgli Street Food - Designed by Kalo

"Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets. The simple dishes of a Mowgli menu are a million miles away from the curry stereotype. These dishes convey the truth that real Indian food is extremely healthy, often vegan and always packed with fresh flavour"

Ever since I visited Mowgli for the first time on Water Street, Liverpool I fell in love! Kalo has created a unique and memorable experience for Mowgli's customers, replacing Indian restaurant stereotypes with a fresh modern look that gives an elegant magical feel. They have been able to maintain this look and feel throughout the whole dining experience with their eye catching environmental branding, menu, website and other collateral designs.

Woosabi - Designer Unknown

I visited Woosabi while travelling in Gdansk, Poland. The plants, lighting and interior styling had drawn me in but I stayed for the good food and lively environment.

Woosabi's brand identity reinforces their brand values and brand message 'good food, good vibes' perfectly with their warm inviting colour palette, mandala style brand mark, vibrant food photography and use of natural materials.

I loved how everything was designed with their own distinct look from the brand mark on the glass ware, palm leaf pattern tray paper and menu designs, interior and window graphics, the branded staff uniform and presentation of the bill in a bamboo style case.

Burger King - Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie

You have most likely already heard about Burger King's new brand identity this year and if you're a designer you probably love it too. You may just be thinking haven't they just changed back to their old logo? Essentially yes, although subtle changes have been made.

However, your brand identity is so much more than just your logo. When rebranding Burger King, JKR would have thought about the whole brand experience and how they could bring the bold colours and flavours of Burger King's brand back into their identity.

What I love about this new identity is how much more appetising and welcoming it feels. The use of red and yellow together evokes hunger, unlike the royal blue of their previous logo which can be quite jarring. The rustic shades of colours they have chosen add to their natural products and no artificial preservatives stance. Overall this new identity brings the focus back to their food and flame grilled process with the use of playful illustration, soft curved type, flavour and taste messaging and an appetising colour palette.

How does your brand identity compare?

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